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29 March 2013

I'm Featured! on TheGreeneVademecum

I had the pleasure of being featured on TheGreeneVademecum.comFellow bloggers, and sisters Vecoya & Charla Greene are the two beautiful ladies behind the amazing words, pictures, and overall work on this site. When I was asked to do this interview I could not say anything but YES! Check out their page for WONDERFUL hair, beauty, fashion, and overall life tips & encouragement. I promise that you will NOT be disappointed! 

Check out their site out: http://thegreenevademecum.com
Follow them on Instgram: http://instagram.com/thegreenevademecum

22 March 2013

MAC Fix+ vs. Elf Makeup Mist & Set

Over the past month I have been on the search for the best makeup finisher set. Being the frugal person I am I decided to make a wise decision and not splurge on a bunch of different things that would most likely irritate my skin. Therefore I just purchased one "high end" finisher and a "low end" finisher. For my high end finisher I chose MACs Fix+ and for my low end I went with e.l.f's Makeup Mist and Set Spray. Overall I like both of them but let me breakdown my thoughts on each of them. 

Let's start with the MAC Fix+

I purchased this product from the MAC counter in my local mall. It took me a while to decide on this purchase as the standard size was about $28. I really didn't want to pay that much not knowing what kind of results I would yield. Surprisingly enough when I went by the checkout counter, I noticed this wonder travel size. The travel size is a 30ml bottle and I payed $10.00. It may sound weird but the best thing I like about this product is its container and appearance. As you can see in the picture it is a very small bottle but the plastic is very sturdy and clean and sleek. The black top is the best! You can actually lock it at the top from spraying out by twisting the bottom. You wouldn't even know it was spray at first glance. The bottle is also a firm hold and as far as I can tell you cannot unscrew the top easily so that protects from accidental spill outs that could occur during traveling. There really isn't a distinct scent but I wouldn't say it is scentless. It's hard to say. The spray at first seem light but that was only because  I had not used another spray to compare too. Now I think the spray is somewhat heavy. I try to spray from an arms width away from my face to ensure my face is not soaking wet however still evenly coated. Typically it takes about 1 minute to dry once applied. I waited for a while before I tested to see if it really would make my makeup last. I found that it does protect my makeup however it does not mold it as well but instead it gives me a shinny glow. I wasn't really feeling the shinny glow. I thought maybe I was not applying it correctly, maybe not using enough or using too much.  So I decided to do some research and I learned that this specific spray was not designed to set or mold your face so it shouldn't be expected to contribute to long lasting makeup wear. Regardless of its true purpose, I still think it did a good job as only minimal amount of makeup came off when I tested it. I continue to use this product but when I use it, I defiantly use a small amount and I pat my skin after it drives to reduce the shinny look. If I could make a suggestion to MAC regarding this product I would say, provide the ingredients of the "fix" product on the bottle. 

Now for the Low End E.L.F's Makeup Mist & Set Spray

You all know I love LOVE e.l.f products! When I saw they had a set spray I had to grab it. After all, it was only $3. I purchased this spray from my local Target. The packaging or spray bottle is nothing to write home about. It is a 60ml bottle so that is a good size. Exactly double of the MAC Fix+. The bottle is sturdy however it is simple. The thing I did not like about the spray is the fact that it was a traditional twist on twist off spray pump bottle. This leaves room for many possible accidents while traveling. Don't get me wrong, it does have a top but I am not good with tops so the probability of me loosing the top is high. The main ingredients in this spray is Aloe, green Tea, Cucumber, Vitamins A, C,& E! Lot's of good stuff right? I was a bit hesitatnt to use it after I saw cucumbers listed because typically anything infused with a cucumber scent will break me out but I had no problems with the set spray. The spray does have a scent of Aloe Vera & Cucumber to it. It's hard to pin point it to one thing. I applied this spray the same way I applied the MAC Fix+ and I must say I love it! I had no issues at all with it. It coated my skin very well, and the spray was very light. When I did the test wipe, I had a VERY VERY small amount of makeup come off. Also this spray does not give me an oily shinny look which is great! If I am in a rush and I expect to have a long day, I know I can count on this e.l.f. make mist & set to have my face, i mean BACK for the entire day! 

What works for my skin and face may not work for yours so I encourage you to try it out yourself! If I had to pick one over the other, it would be the e.l.f mist and set as you cant beat that price and it truly does a better job overall! 

                                  Check out my video review on these products:http://youtu.be/SAbLtkroFE8

I also will be hosting a giveaway on one of these products! For details watch the video: http://youtu.be/gdcN_31Dkhc

What is your favorite makeup finisher, set, or fix?

19 March 2013

Get It Right Get It Tight!

Tomorrow March 20th will be the 1st day of spring! The flowers blooming is not the only common thing that happens around this time. When it begins to get warm, we can expect for more skin to be shown, more vacations to occur, and vast preparation for the upcoming hot weather. Gym memberships will increase! Everyone including myself will begin to get their body ready for the summer months! 

No one likes to face the scale and see that unruly number staring back. I know I dont. When I saw 187 lbs show up on my scale I screamed. I know I may not look 187 lbs but I do feel it. I carry my weight well as I am some what solid, however I am only 5'6 so if I gain anymore weight, this weight could start filtering into the wrong places and even worse, it could present serious health issues for me that I do not want to deal with.  Knowing this, I knew that I needed to get back in shape and hit the gym up more often so I can "Get IT Right, Get It Tight!!!"  

Fittingly enough, the Adidas tent sale happen to be in Charlotte this weekend, so I was able to rack up on more CUTE workout stuff.  Who said you couldn't work out and be cute at the same time??? 

In order to achieve this, I knew I had to come up with a plan, one that I could commit too. I came up with a list or a plan on how I would do this and I thought I would share with you. 

  1. Set a goal weight or an amount of pounds or inches you would like to loose.
    • My goal weight is 165 - 170 so a total of 15 lbs. I rather tone my stomach area only if possible.
  2. Set a start date and a goal deadline (When you would like to reach your goal). Make sure your goal is reasonable and is attainable. It is an even better feeling when you set a goal and not on reach it but you surpass it. Setting too high of a goal may not reap either of these results. 
    • My start date will be Sunday, March 24 and my goal deadline is by May 1st. 
  3. Get a calendar, and schedule days to work out weekly. If you even need to set the time do that as well.
    • Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays will be my official gym day, and I will walk during breaks and/or lunches on all days. 
  4. Ensure that you have the proper work out attire and materials. (i.e. clothes, weights, waist belt, sneakers etc). This items should be very comfortable and supportive. 
    • I have all the work out clothes, I just need to get better running shoes. I also have a waist trimmer belt as my stomach area is the main place I would like to work on. I will do a review later.  I would also like to get a mat, and stepping stairs. 
  5. Keep a record. Record how long  you exercised and if you are on any special diet what food you consumed. Limit amount of cheat meals. 
  6. Adjust your eating habits and drink at-least 8 ounces a water a day.
    • I plan on eating chicken sausage, hard boil egged, or honey bunches of oat cereal for breakfast, soup, salad, or chilli for lunch, and salmon or baked chicken with a green vegetable for dinner. I also plan to have small snacks during the day which will consist of fruits that are low in sugar.   
    • It is recommended that you drink at least 1 full glass of water before you eat and one full glass after. This will help shrink your hunger and make you full quicker. 
    • It is okay to have a cheat meal here and there, but cheat meals can be your ticket to the end of your workout plan. You know yourself, so if you can handle it GREAT, if not...leave the cheat meals alone! 
  7. Focus on exercises that will contribute the most to your weight loss. 
    • For me I would like to tone my stomach and mid area. So I will focus on running, crunches, and the  exercise that work my mid area. Not sure what all those are but I will be researching them.
  8. Take baby steps! Do NOT focus on endurance first, instead focus on initiation. You cannot endure it before you start it. Once you start your workout schedule, make sure you are consistent and do not push yourself to do more than you can handle. The more you work out, the more easier it will get. 
  9. Weigh yourself weekly instead of daily. This will ensure that you do not discourage yourself. Pick a day as your weigh in day.
    • My weigh in day will be on Monday's when I get to work. 
    • I also plan on taking pictures on day 1, day 30, and the final day.
  10. Have a good music playlist! Music is therapeutic, so it is easier to work out when you are at ease and listening to some of your favorite up to beat songs.
    • ....working on finalizing my playlist
  11. Invite a friend to be your workout partner! Be each other's motivators & cheerleader! Make sure your schedules work for each other. 
I am definitely not a personal trainer, nor am I fitness coach! I am just an amateur. My thoughts and my plan are based of my past experiences and also of what those around me have done to successfully loose weight. Each person's body is different so make adjustments in your plan where need be. After all, it will be YOUR weight, so it needs to be YOUR plan and no one else's! 

15 March 2013

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

Recently I have had more of a desire to wake up and do up my face. To some, makeup can be an overwhelming thing, because there are so many shades, pigments, and tones that have to be considered. 

 Let's start with the basics, FOUNDATION! When I was first officially introduced to makeup it was by my mom. She told me "every woman should have a good foundation. One that matches your skin complexion the most but at the same time is easy to apply and will last."  I never really cared for foundation, and for the most part my skin is pretty smooth and clear. Now that I am back into this thing, I knew I wanted a good foundation...

While most girls these day use MAC, I decided to go with a low end traditional makeup line for foundation. Maybeline New York has an amazing liquid foundation.

My Thoughts: The Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse is known for its airbrush finish. I didnt purchase this product after reading reviews, it was an impulse and it was the only foundation at Walmart that was not only affordable but match  my skin tone. I got a cocoa dark 3 tone and the foundation was 8.99. I use my e.l.f. foundation brush to apply it and I must say it is a smooth application. It covers the few blemishes I do have well and gives me an even tone look. It does not feel heavy on my face however I definitely have to set it with a finisher. Currently I am using Mac fix spray. I have dry skin, but this foundation does make my skin appear well moisturized and at times even oily.  I assume this is because it is a mousse and not really water based, so it doesn't dry all the way. To make sure I do not look oily, I set it with a powder foundation. Currently I am using some Mary Kay mineral powder. The two seem to work well together so far.

 I definitely would recommend this foundation!

What's is your favorite foundation???

12 March 2013

My Journey to Natural Hair

I always get the question: "Why did you go natural?" So, here is my story...

I got my first relaxer when I was 4 I believe. I always had a good grade and length of hair on my head. I remember having all different kinds of hair styles from french rolls, to finger waves, to jerry curls -AHHHH!!, to crochet braids, to spiral sets and finally to my all time favorite doubie wrap! The wrap was my ultimate go to style, it was so simple to do if all else failed and it lasted for ever. So you may ask, what changed? Well when I went away to college I started letting my friends do my hair, probably one of the worst decisions I made. My hair started to thin and be dry and it got to the point where my hair would not grow longer then a little pass my neck before it would break off.


Why I Went Natural?
 It was weird how it happen. To be completely honest I needed a change. What brought on the change was because of a boy. I was in a situation that went from being so great to being on pause and I had no real control over it. So what do most women do when this happens? Cut or color their hair! That was me. On June 27, 2009 I got a relaxer and decided I wanted to cut my hair, so my mom cut it and I HATED it!

 I dont have a face for short hair so immediately after the cut I got my mom to throw some weave in it. I wore the weave for about a week b/c at that time i didnt do weave at all  so I couldnt handle it. I decided to go get some micros. One day I was watching youtube and just stumbled on the natural hair community. That day I got addicted to youtube and decided that I would use this hair cut as an opportunity to go natural! The day I cut my hair was the last time I got a relaxer. I wanted stronger healthier hair that would grow past my shoulder and that was what I got.            

How Did I Transition & For How Long? 
The goal was to transition for 1yr...I only made 8 months of transitioning though. i wore micros for 6 months with 2 week breaks in between. When I took the break between the micros I straightened it to get it trimmed and colored to soften the texture. I was over the micros very soon, so for the remaining 2 months I wore yarn braids, fluffy twist, and traditional twist out. After having a banging twist out, I got thrown in a pool. Trying to repair my hair that day was frustrating and I just decided, HEY! its time to BC (Big Chop).


When Did I BC & How? 
Memorial Day. May 28, 2010 I did the big chop. I had all my friends around and I sat in the bathroom sink in front of the mirror and just started snipping away. I let several of my friends each take snip off. Some thought I was crazy, but I thought I was brave. When I say it was such a relief to see those ends go and know I did it not caring what anyone would thing was one of the best feelings!! I mean it, it was such a good feeling! I documented each step of my Big Chop. Check out my youtube channel to see the footage. 

11 March 2013

Natural Beauty Tip: Teeth Whitening

According to www.nbcnews.com Americans spend more than $1.4 billion on over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products annually. That wasn't hard to believe because I know myself and everyone around strive to have white teeth.  I always get compliments on the whiteness of my teeth. Although I appreciate the compliments, when I look in the mirror i don't see super white teeth, I just see non-yellow teeth. So with that said I researched a cost effective way to whiten my teeth rather than just going to the dentist for the annual clean. I had two options - the chemical way or the natural way. First let's start with the "Chemically Infused Way"
Chemical Infused Teeth Whitening - "Crest White Strips"
Let me start by saying when I say chemically infused I am referring to products that are consist of alot of chemicals that have been altered out of their natural state. Of course everyone knows about the Crest White Strips that actually bleach your teeth. The one I researched is the Crest 3D White Whitestrips With Advanced Seal Professional Effects Whitening Kit, 20ct. This product is said to whiten your teeth on a professional level and you should begin to see results after 3 days and these results that can last up to 12 months.
crest white strips
I have heard good and bad reviews on this product. After reading the reviews, I was willing to consider it but then the price was a deal breaker. The cheapest kit I was able to find was $42.27 at Walmart and then refill strips for a count of 10 was $25!! Uhmm no maam! Yes this is cheaper then going to the dentist but I wasn't convinced that I would get the results I wanted and I wasn't willing to make such an investment. So I continued searching and found a "Natural Way" to whiten teeth...
Natural Teeth Whitening - "Baking Soda & Peroxide Paste"
After alot of research I found that although naturally whitening my teeth would not give me the quickest results it was surpassingly the most cost effective. Usually when we think about natural remedies and living the organic life, we automatically assume $$$$! Well not in this case. I went with the "Baking Soda & Peroxide Paste". Its cheap (cost me all of $4) and its easy to prepare!
Baking Soda & Peroxide Paste
In this paste of-course the main components are Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda. Hydrogen Peroxide is made of Hydrogen & Peroxide! DUH! Well the Oxygen causes the product to have oxidizing abilities which naturally bleach items when applied. When peroxide is applied to teeth, it bleaches the enamel. Another benefit of the peroxide is that it kills the bacteria in your teeth and mouth which in turn can promote good smelling breathe. If you look at the ingredients in over the counter whiteners, Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the first things listed. Baking Soda is an all around natural cleaner. It acts as an abrasive agent in which it helps remove debris and surface stains on your teeth. With the mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda you can create a very effective paste to brush your teeth with. I started this a month ago and I already see results.  Results may vary and since this is a natural way the results will take a little longer to appear than a comestic or over the counter bleaching formula.
Here is what you will need:
  1. 1 Tbsp Peroxide
  2. 1-1/4 Tbsp Baking Soda
  3. Bowl or Wide Cup
  4. Spoon
  5. Tooth Brush
  6. Teeth Tray (Optional)
How to create the paste & apply:
In a small bowl mix the Peroxide & Baking Soda together until it forms a paste. Add more Peroxide if the paste is two thick or add more baking powder if the paste is runny. You want it to be consistency that can easily be swirled onto your toothbrush. Once the paste is made you are ready to apply it to your teeth. Depending on what I previously ate will depend on which way I apply it.
  •  The first option which is the most effective is to run your toothbrush under water, then swirl or dip your tooth brush in the paste making sure you coat all the bristles with the paste. Then you will brush as you normally would in circles or up and down for 4-5 mins. Rinse with cold water and your done!
  • The second option I only do when I have some time on my hands and if I have exposed my teeth to a bunch of gunk. I  use a teeth tray or a mold and I fill it with the paste. I then place the tray in my mouth and bit down. I let the tray remain in my mouth for about 10-15 mins. This will allow the paste to distribute through my mouth. Be careful not to let the paste get on your gums as this could cause burning. After 10-15 mins, I will remove the tray and rinse out with cold  water.
I told you it was easy and affordable! You really cant beat that!!! I typically brush with this paste at night. Sometimes I will skip one night but no more than that.
I encourage anyone who desires to have whiter teeth to try to natural way out. If it doesn't work for you then go back to your OTC Bleachers but at least you can do it knowing you didn't spend a lot of time and money . For quicker results you can add lemon in the mixture as lemon is a natural bleacher. Just be careful that you don't over bleach! There is a such thing! Remember there are many other ways to achieve white teeth but this is just the way that works best for me. If you have one that works better, please share!

Product Review: Edge Control by Organic Root Stimulator

edge control
Typically I just do product reviews on my youtube channel, but since my camera is acting bootleg at the moment I thought it would be quicker for me to write up a review to share my thoughts on the Edge Control by Organic Root Stimulator. First lets start with some specifications of the product:

Size: 2.25 Oz Jar

Ingredients: too much to type! Google it :)

Directions: Apply to desired area & smooth with fingertips for desired hold

My thoughts: I bought this jar back in June of 2012 when I installed my first U-Wig and my best friend Avery recommended it to lay my edges down. I use this edge control daily if not every other day and I am still using the same jar  up until this day and it is February 5th!  I really enjoy using this Edge Control Product. Before I just use to use Eco Styler Gel and it wasn’t doing the job.  I then moved on to Edges by Hicks and although that did do a good job, I was stingy in how much I would use b/c that mess called $14! No Maam, never again. My hair is very thick, I think I am 4b/c category, so to find something that will lay my edges down was great. I found that this edge control works best when you use it either on freshly washed hair or if you wet well and use a bristle brush to lay your edges down.  I loved it so much I went ahead and bought another jar and I have not even finished the 1st one yet. Below I have listed my pros & cons on a product. Overall I give this product 4.5 stars and I would definitely recommend it to others!
  • Can be used on Natural or Relaxed Hair
  • A Little goes a long way
  • It last all day
  • It is not greasy at the same it doesn’t dry out your hair. Adds shine
  • Easy application
  • Affordable
  • Must reapply the next day
  • Must use water & a scarf to secure the hold
  • Contains glycerin
  • If you over apply, it will form a white residue

Beyonce Is Get'n Hers!

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show
(Originally Posted 2/3/13) --2 Weeks ago, Beyonce was singing at the Inaugaration, now the Super Bowl! Ms. Beyonce is certainly 'Get'n Hers'! When America learned that Beyonce was going to be performing during the entire half time show, there was an interesting picture that began to travel around instagram stating "Apparently there is supposed to be some football game at the Beyonce Concert on Feb 4th in New Orleans"! Of course me being a female & a Beyonce fan, I found that hilarious and I felt that statement 100%. Everyone knows Beyonce has sold out shows, so its not hard to believe that a lot of viewers both men and female tuned in to the Superbowl specifically just to see exactly how Beyonce would bring it during the half time show. Maybe you didnt, but I know I did. But did she really bring it tonight?....

...Some would say yes, because they just love Beyonce! Well with all the lights, speakers, mics, amps that were hooked up for the halftime show I was not shocked that there was a power outage. However, what really shocked me was how long the outage lasted. Even with all that, I have to honestly say I wasnt overly impressed with the show! Don't get me wrong, I love me some Bey, her body was perfect, hair blowing, she had on a leather & lace onesie that looked painted on and her presence was surely felt. My boyfriend loved the visuals...what man doesnt?? I expected so much more, however she still did a good job. There is no way anyone can say that she was lip singing and regarding the performing area she nailed it. That Dutty Wine was everything! My only issue was her choice of songs. I am sure her including a mini Destiny Child's "reunion" played a part in why her recent songs were not played. Speaking of Destinys Child...Michelle was irrelevant to me but I love me some Kelly!! & Did you notice all her thickness?? Thats a discussion for another day!!... Beyonce closed out her show singing HALO which I didnt care to hear but she sang it so beautifully. All in all, I am just going to put it like this, I wouldnt have been mad if I missed her performing and had to watch it later. At the end of the day she still got that CHECK! and she is still the Queen B! What did you think of Beyonce's performance???

09 March 2013


One of my close friends was expecting a daughter, and I was hosting a shower for her. As a decoration item as well as a gift I decided to create a Diaper Cake for her. I watched numerous videos on youtube and from what I saw I collectively came up with this concept. It is very affordable and doesnt take long at all to make. She and all the guest loved it. I have made about 4 others since then for other people. Check out the video tutorial on my “What’s Streaming” page or below. All supplies were purchased from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Dollar Tree and I spent roughly about $18. Here is what you will need:
  1. Diapers (any size of your choice)
  2. Small Black Hair Rubber Bands
  3. Variety size Rubber Bands
  4. Ribbion of your choice
  5. Stickers or Decoration of Choice
  6. Fabric
  7. 14inch Cake Tray
  8. Glue Gun
  9. Elemers Adhesive Glue
  10. Paper Towel Roll
  11. Wooden Letter
  12. Glitter 0f choice
  13. Plastic Bag
  14. Topper of choice. This could be booties, rubber ducky etc.

The In's & Out's of MsKandii

Welcome to my new home!!!

I was formally bloggin via wordpress (www.naturallykandiilicious.wordpress.com), but their layouts were too restrictive for what i had in mind! So let's start with a brief introduction!

 I am a beautiful 25 yr old proud Nigerian lady, born in Nigeria raised in Greensboro, NC “336!” but currently live in the Queen City -Charlotte, NC!. I am a daughter and a sister – (a twin sister at that), auntie, and a girlfriend! I am also a youtuber and now a blogger! My friends say I am loud, bold and outgoing…this may be true, but what can you expect from someone as Random as me!  

In this journey we call LIFE I come across so many different things and embrace experiences that develop into memories! Because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, I cannot tell you the direction this blog is headed but it will be Encouraging, Creative, Fashionable, Reliable, Insightful, Tasteful, Humorous, All Things NaturallyKandiilicious because that is all I am! So if you think you can handle this journey, be sociable and subscribe to this blog! Follow my blog with Bloglovin
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