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15 March 2013

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

Recently I have had more of a desire to wake up and do up my face. To some, makeup can be an overwhelming thing, because there are so many shades, pigments, and tones that have to be considered. 

 Let's start with the basics, FOUNDATION! When I was first officially introduced to makeup it was by my mom. She told me "every woman should have a good foundation. One that matches your skin complexion the most but at the same time is easy to apply and will last."  I never really cared for foundation, and for the most part my skin is pretty smooth and clear. Now that I am back into this thing, I knew I wanted a good foundation...

While most girls these day use MAC, I decided to go with a low end traditional makeup line for foundation. Maybeline New York has an amazing liquid foundation.

My Thoughts: The Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse is known for its airbrush finish. I didnt purchase this product after reading reviews, it was an impulse and it was the only foundation at Walmart that was not only affordable but match  my skin tone. I got a cocoa dark 3 tone and the foundation was 8.99. I use my e.l.f. foundation brush to apply it and I must say it is a smooth application. It covers the few blemishes I do have well and gives me an even tone look. It does not feel heavy on my face however I definitely have to set it with a finisher. Currently I am using Mac fix spray. I have dry skin, but this foundation does make my skin appear well moisturized and at times even oily.  I assume this is because it is a mousse and not really water based, so it doesn't dry all the way. To make sure I do not look oily, I set it with a powder foundation. Currently I am using some Mary Kay mineral powder. The two seem to work well together so far.

 I definitely would recommend this foundation!

What's is your favorite foundation???

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