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09 March 2013

The In's & Out's of MsKandii

Welcome to my new home!!!

I was formally bloggin via wordpress (www.naturallykandiilicious.wordpress.com), but their layouts were too restrictive for what i had in mind! So let's start with a brief introduction!

 I am a beautiful 25 yr old proud Nigerian lady, born in Nigeria raised in Greensboro, NC “336!” but currently live in the Queen City -Charlotte, NC!. I am a daughter and a sister – (a twin sister at that), auntie, and a girlfriend! I am also a youtuber and now a blogger! My friends say I am loud, bold and outgoing…this may be true, but what can you expect from someone as Random as me!  

In this journey we call LIFE I come across so many different things and embrace experiences that develop into memories! Because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, I cannot tell you the direction this blog is headed but it will be Encouraging, Creative, Fashionable, Reliable, Insightful, Tasteful, Humorous, All Things NaturallyKandiilicious because that is all I am! So if you think you can handle this journey, be sociable and subscribe to this blog! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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