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12 April 2013

My Polyvore: Convention or Wedding Outfit

Spring is most def. here! Weddings and Conventions are going to be at a rise if not now then pretty soon. Here is an idea of an outfit I would wear to either.  I love this combination because you can go from day to night by just removing certain items...or you can keep them!

Now let me just say, everything I put in my collection either I cannot afford (no need to front) or I wouldn't pay that specific price for but you cant knock a girl for having a vision! I can assure you, if I create an outfit on My Polyvore and love it so much that I want it...I will find dupes for any items I feel are overly expensive! There out there! Let me know what you think, or what you would wear?


My favorite item in this collection: Burgundy Marc Jacob Bag!!! 

Want to find these items?
Black Dress: oasis-stores.com
Creame Blazer: dorothyperkins.com
Luichiny Leopard Platform Pumps: heels.com
Marc Jacob Hand Bag: net-a-porter.com
Braided Watch Bracelet: shopbop.com
Chain Link Bracelet: couturecandy.com
John & Pearl Triangle Earrings: wolfandbadger.com
Ravin Rasin Lipstick: Wet 'n Wild

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