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22 May 2013

My Polyvore: 1st "Lunch" Date

This post is for my girls still dabbling in the dating scene! This weekend, one of my good friends will be going on a 1st date (meeting for lunch) with a new man "boy" (he must show & prove)! Of course being friends we had to discuss what she should wear so I was inspired to create this set. 

"1st "Lunch" Date

  • I chose a skater dress because its like over 80 degrees in Charlotte, most likely nervousness is going to consume you whether it is hot outside or not, and the last thing you want to do on a 1st date is let the "boy" see you sweat! That is No Bueno!! 
  • For shoes I went with booties. Yes I know I just said its hot outside, so the typical person would wear opened toes shoes! I agree if the date was outside but if inside the booties would work because it may be cool inside and if the date is going great it may move into a dinner date! Also I like to take advantage of all opportunities to wear 5in heels! The higher the heel the more your legs are accented! Plus I don't expect that they will be doing any activities that will cause extreme pressure to the feet! Talk Talk Talk! 
  • The creame & black hand bag, stud earrings, arrowhead ring, chain & band bracelet, and shades are all simple accessories that can give modern & mature look! 

Suede bootie - spylovebuy.com


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