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20 June 2013

Equalnox Clothing Co to Release Fall Collection Soon!!

I have some great news for all of you readers who loved my interview on Equalnox Clothing Company with Founder, Jordan Bell! I was just informed that the fall line that he mentioned in the interview will officially be released very soon!

The fall gear is called "Gentlemen's Academy" which is Equalnox's higher end side. Its more than a collection. It is an on going thing. And this is the start of it. Its getting more into cut and sew than our normal clothing. And according to Founder, Jordan Bell that's where he wants to go with the brand anyway. 

Be looking out for the release soon and all the promotion that comes along with it. The lookbook for the "Gentleman's Academy" will be released mid summer. You know I am going to share with you all as soon as get my hands on it!  Also there will also be a trailer video before that showing a little more of the small collection. 

I am excited to support all the great things to come from Equalnox Clothing and you should be too! I am hoping to have a giveaway on one of the pieces so make sure you check the blog out periodically. 

Although the "Gentleman's Academy is not accessible yet, Equalnox has other amazing lines that are just one click away. Visit Equalnoxclothing.com today!

19 June 2013


Happy Hump Day!! I hope everyone had a safe weekend and is getting by this work week as best as you can!

Today's post is going to start off with me discussing my addictions! Besides my love for shrimp, I am also addicted to  youtube and the blog world. I go to bed doing one or the other, sometimes even both. Some may not understand my addiction but it is kind of like those people who use all there energy scrolling up and down twitter, facebook, and instagram feeds! So you might ask, what does this have to do with the title Poshmark! Well, I look to youtube & blogs for different fashion, hair, and makeup inspirations daily. Thanks to a wonderful blog I stumbled on (the name escapes me at the moment), I was introduced to Poshmark!!

Poshmark is a site that is made primarily for individuals to sell their used or non used items in their closet. You don't have to be a seller to only have access to the site, they also have it setup for you to buy awesome items from other people's closet. You can buy, trade, or even purchase bundles so that you are getting more items for that flat rate shipping amount.

Check out the Poshmark FAQ  to any questions you may have about Poshmark.

The very first day I was on Poshmark, I made a purchase for these fushia & gold cap toe pumps from target pictured below. Originally they were $29.99 and I got them for $23 which included shipping. Without shipping they weer 17.00. The transaction was great and the shipping came fast!

One of the benefits of Poshmark for the seller is that they are provided with a shipping slip to use to send out  your item that was purpose. For  the buyers no money will be deducted from your account until you have confirmed  you received your package. The down fall is that any item under $25 will automatically be a $6 shipping fee so its best to try to get bundle deals if you can.

These shoe were listed as NWT which means it is New With Tags. They were a size 8.5 and I knew that I could put these shoes to use for the price!

I love these shoes. I wanted them when I first see them at Target but they either did not have my size or the color I wanted. Thanks to PoshMark I was able to find these shoes not only in my favorite color, but also in well condition and for about $10 cheaper.

I will be posting my first item from my closet up later this evening. Use the "Shop" tab above in the menu's to get to the site. I will also leave the link to my closet below Be sure to check it out.

14 June 2013

Personal Style TAG!..

My girl Kassidy from Aesthetics of Style recently posted on her blog "Personal Style TAG!. I got tagged so keep reading to learn about what inspires my personal style. You can check out her original post here: K M: Personal Style TAG!

Here we go....

1. Who is your favorite, (if you can narrow it down) designer and why?
I am not into designer names or labels. Ive never been the person to spend lavishly and if I did it really never was on clothes.  If it looks good and is of good quality that is what I am wearing. I will say that Maggie London line at Dillards always seem to fit my body perfectly. When it comes to shoes I would have to say Jessica Simpson's line of shoes have always been great to me. Fashionable accessories I would have to give to Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs. Their bags are EVERYTHING!!

2. Which style trend(s) do you tend to gravitate to?
I gravitate to styles trends that consist of polka dots and prints, lepoard print to be exact. I am addicted to leopard print. that show skin but in a tactful and modest way. I hate being completely covered up. I am from Nigeria, where it is HOT and being fully clothed is not the business (unless it's one's personal religious belief).

3. What's your staple (go to)  article of clothing?
Hahaha, Right now my tribal harem pants! They are so comfortable & I can do just about anything in them! Shop, Sleep, Clean, Travel, Jog, Blog, and Vlog! 

4. Who is your ultimate celebrity style crush?
Wardrobe: Lauren Conrad & Angela Simmons....Lauren has also represented the everyday girl & Angela gives you BADD in a Good way! Hair: Janelle Monae! Her natural locks are beautiful and up dos !!!!

5. If you could have your own fashion line what would you call it & why?
Well unfortunately I don't have a cool name like "Kassidy Mi'chal" :) so I would have to go with a "Unrefined Curves". I am a curvy girl & sometimes these curves don't act right so my line would specifically cater to my curvy-licious glam gals!

6. How do you feel about the current state of fashion?
Fashion is unrefined. When I say that I mean it isn't being processed anymore, which is great! People at times take fashion so seriously that they forget to dress themselves! During my school days there were things you did and did not wear. Now almost anything is a go. I think this new turn for fashion has motivated all individuals to think outside the box & self define fashion for themselves & not the next person defining it for them. 

7. Leggings or jeans?
Leggings! They are afforable. Also there is less work involved & bring immediate shape to almost anyone!

8. Describe your style in three words
Leggings, Peplums, Prints

9. Favorite blogger
Blogger & Vlogger, Shirley B. Eniang of www.meek-n-mild.com. She is so gorgeous & her style is so sleek & classy! Maybe one day I can get to The UK & meet her! 

10. What is your biggest fashion tip to live by?
Confidence precedes Fashion....bring confidence in whatever you wear & OWN IT

I want to say thank you to Kassidy for tagging me and now i'm tagging everyone! Then tag your fashion friends  and tell them to tag their fashion friends and we can all be friends!! 

13 June 2013

Thrifty Thursdays!

I love love love the thrift store! I am talking about a real thrift store, not Platoe's Closet. I love vintage items and you can almost count on finding one great piece when you go thrift shopping. I am very frugal with my money and I am all about shopping wisely and making something old into something new where possible.

Here is what I picked up my last two trips to the Value Village!

 This woven belt is nude/very light pink color. The material feels like leather, whether real or not I am not sure but it was in great condition. The buckle is a nice bright gold. The picture does it no justice! 
I got this belt for $1.50

This blue ankle blazer was a great find. It's actually a solid sky blue. The color of the blazer had not faded at all. The inside is lined which I really like. The buttons are okay, they have some brown and black spots to it but I plan on changing the buttons out myself to gold. The blazer comes down to my waist which is perfect for jeans or a skirt. I wore it the other day with a taupe t-shirt and it looked great!
I got this blazer for $7.50

This SILK pleated fan skirt is so vintage! Although this style is now trending again, length & versatility of the skirt makes it so unique. I can wear it as high waist skirt or wear it low waist and it still is not too short or too long. It does look good with a very nice blouse on top, but I perfer to wear it with a Cami or a tank top tucked in. I also love the light print of floral. I have actually paired this skirt with the blazer above, a mint tank, and dark blue heels and it was perfect!
I got this blazer for $2.00

This is another "ankle" blazer that I scored. Actually is not even a blazer, its more like a suit jacket. It was actually sold as a two piece item but the skirt was just entirely too small, so I left it behind. I am not sure of the material. It is an electric teal shade. I don't even think it is a real color, but it will be today! lol :). I love that this jacket does not have collars. I also love the round neckline of the jacket. The buttons are also cute. They are the same color as the jacket but have a gold trimming.  There is like a snap hook that I am going to have to get rid of or disguise but that will be very easy. This also would look great on just about anything. 
I got this blazer for $6.50

Last but certainly not least! I picked up this black velvet cylinder clutch. Although it's very simple, the velvet touch gives it a little more sleekness. I am not sure how I feel about the gold heart pin in the center yet. It doesn't bother me but it doesn't woo me either. I may be changing that! That doesn't make the clutch any less of a buy!
I got this blazer for $1.50

"One man's junk is another man's treasure!
What treasures have you found in others junk?

12 June 2013

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Sydney Scott of Rayn and Shyne Hair Studio

This month's Entrepreneur Spotlight is with the very beautiful and talented cosmetologist & makeup artist, Sydney Scott. 

Sydney was born in Akron, Ohio and has always resided in big cities such as Cleveland,OH,  Atlanta, GA and now a Charlotte, NC resident. Her love for hair stems all the way back down through her family line to her GREAT grandparents who also owned their own salon/barbershop. Following in their footsteps at an early age she got her foot in the industry. At age 14, she got her first job as a nail technician/designer. It's no wonder her nails are always on point!!   Now at the age of 22, Sydney has established and maintained a growing clientele and is owner of her own hair studio  "Rayn & Shyne". On top of all that, she also holds down another job as an Makeup Artist with Benefit Cosmetics. I love to see fellow young women hustle to achieve their goals and dreams, so I just had to find out how Ms. Sydney is able to do so much and stay focus. Keep reading, I promise you will enjoy what I found out!

**An interesting fact you may not know about Sydney: She LOVES to cook! Pasta, Sea Food, Soul Food, and she also bakes. She is even considering opening a small restaurant one day!

I know you, but my readers may not. My bio only reveals a little of how great your spirit is! Who really is Sydney? How would others describe you?
         I am a loving, creative, but quiet kind of girl that loves to have fun. Those who know me could also agree that I am very outspoken. lol!

You're a licensed cosmetologist and makeup artist. How long have you been doing hair and makeup?
          All my life, but professionally 5 years. I have a lot of talents. As the only child I kept myself busy, always learning something new. Unfortunately I cant give all of them just yet, but just be on the lookout for my next ventures and projects! 
You now have your own hair studio, Rayn & Shyne. Tell us more about how you came up with that name.
          My middle name is Rayn. I wanted something catchy that included my name. So Rayn is me and Shyne is what every woman wants for her hair. To translate you get Me (Rayn) and Gorgeous Hair (Shyne)!

At your age, many cosmetologist are working at someone else's shop paying booth rent. How did you manage to become an owner of your own hair studio so quickly?
          Working in upscale salons, there is a lot of potential for high income. However, I got tired of the shady business that can go on in this industry. Competition is a huge factor. I also wanted to be my own boss, control my profits, and make my own schedule. For me it was definitely worth it and I recommend everyone to start their own business. Its nothing like having your own!
After a long stay at Rayn & Shyne Studio

What does your hair studio specialize in? Can I send my natural sisters your way?!
          At Rayn & Shyne we specialize in Healthy Hair! Yes, I am natural and also do natural hair. I offer extensions services also for protective styling.
Natural Hair Blow Out

Natural Hair  - Twist Out Up Do


 In relation to hair, what is your favorite thing to do and why?
          My favorite thing to do is extensions. A lot of clients become sick, some have had horrible hair experiences and others suffer from Alopecia (permanent hair loss). So I love giving them a healthy look that makes them feel sexy, and beautiful!

Full Sew In

Would you consider yourself an entrepreneur? If so, why?
          I am an entrepreneur. I am determined, focused, and always looking for what is better for my business and myself. 

Is there anyone or any certain thing that motivates you?
          Family! They have always supported me and my craft. My mom manges my traveling ventures and she has been my biggest motivation. 

Sydney & her Mother who she says is her motivation

How did you build up an entrepreneur spirit?
          Honestly, having a hustlers mentality. That drive to go out there and get what I want. The key is to never settle for less than what you know you deserve. But first, you have to know what you deserve! 

Not just a Cosmetologist but also a Makeup Artist

I am sure you have faced problems we all face when starting like no clients or things not moving well. Can you give me an example of your biggest hurdle? How do you keep moving on in spite of all the hurdles being an entrepreneur has?
         My biggest hurdle literally was me! Before getting a business license I kind of doubted myself at first, but now I am a lot more confident and educated. I am even more so interested in starting other businesses.  
Is it easy to be an entrepreneur?
          It's not easy or hard. It really depends on the person and if their willing to push through the good and the bad to make it all work. It takes a lot of patience and dedication. 
Are you the only one managing your business, or do you have staff?
          I have the best assistant in the world, Monet Holliday who will be attending cosmetology school this fall. I also have my mom who helps me with my out of town clients, and a natural hair stylist that works in the studio when I attend to my other job as a makeup artist for Benefit Cosmetics.
 Sydney with Assistant Monet
If you can turn the hands of time, forwards or backwards, what would you do?
          I would turn the heads backwards maybe five years to give me more time for other opportunities. Lol, never forward - we not trying to rush getting old lol!! 
What do you think it takes to succeed in business?
          OMG DRIVE!! A lot of stylist get out here and act like everything is suppose to be handed to them. You have to go out there and get it. Market yourself and let everyone know what makes you different from the next stylist!  
Actions speak louder than words...

Since you have already went through the steps of developing your hair studio, your brand, and maintaining clientele, what advice would you like to give those who are just starting?
          Get educated, Educated, EDUCATED! I say that three times because a lot of times we allow the lack of knowledge to keep us from something far more beneficial than what we're use too. Come up with a business plan. Do your research as to how you can accomplish your goal, then execute. Get family and friends involved - you can always count on them to be honest with you!  
Although I still haven't made my way over to the Rayn & Shyne Studio, I promise I will. I have seen your work and it is GREAT!  Where can my readers go to get their "wig did" and their "face beat"?! {Excuse my slang lol}! 
          9605 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28269. Appointment Only. You can also email me at sydneyrayn@gmail.com for more information. Guarantee to leave you beat and snatched!! 

 Ms Sydney, Is there any last words you want to leave my readers and are there any plans for you & the Rayn & Shyne Hair Studio.
          Rayn & Shyne will be "Rayn & Shyne On The Go". A website for the new project will be up very soon. I am currently working with a few celebrities that have allowed me to be their key hair and make up artist, so I will be travelling and helping them with their new brands. One is an Olympics medalist who just launched a new clothing store in Miami, Florida. Pictures will be on the new site of what we do. I just want to say, be true to who you are! If you have a passion for something be true to that also.

    Thank you for interviewing me this was fun and I would love to do a follow up maybe in a year or so! 

Thank you so much Sydney for letting me indulge in your world! I want to wish you the best in all your future endeavors! I would love to do a follow up to see how you are coming along in your accomplishments. 

 If your in the Charlotte or surrounding area and you are looking for a one shop stop for hair and makeup, make sure you go check out my girl Sydney at Rayn & Shyne Hair Studio. 

So what did you all think? I would love to hear from you. 

Feel free to leave a comment.

If you would like to read about more men and women hustling the right way please be sure to join the site or subscribe via email for updates. 

If you would like to be featured as the next Entrepreneur/Blogger/Vlogger Spotlight section or you know someone who should be please email me at naturallykandiilicious@gmail.com

10 June 2013

OOTD: Gone With The Wind...

I never planned on doing OOTD's (Outfits of the Day) because I never had anyone to take pictures for me but this weekend me and my little sissy Gift decided to hit our local malls up and do a little shopping. I took that opportunity to make her my photographer.

I wore a coral razor back tank top with a high wasted - high low navy chiffon pleated skirt. I also added my favorite leopard print belt to make the tank & skirt more cohesive & give my look some life.  If I continue to do OOTD you will soon see. I am in love with leopard print! Since I was going to do a lot of walking I just wore some basic black braided sandals. I didn't accessorize much for this look because I was only going to the mall! My sister refused to allow me to be camera ready! We will work on that in time if I decide to do more.
Scroll to the bottom to see where I purchased the items in the outfit from

Razor Top Tank: Rue 21
Chiffon Pleated Skirt: Forever 21
Black Braided Sandals: Target
Leopard Print Belt: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: Hand me down from Mommy
Shades: Rue 21

You see that skirt though?! It's "Gone With The Wind Fabulous!!" Lol! 

I will be back soon!

05 June 2013

High Bun with a Twist

Hey beauties! Ive fell off the scene yet again but I am back! I hope you all have been doing well. When I say finals week was soo soo so so so stressful! I mean it. If my multiple and stretched out "so's don't express how I felt and am still feeling I digress lol! Not only did I have three finals & two presentations I also had to pack my apartment up and move into a house! 

Doing my hair was the last thing I wanted to think about but I knew something had to be done because I am not a fan of naturals who think its okay to just get up and go! Yes!, there are days where doing the minimum is a must but Natural hair does not equal low maintenance everyday!! 

Okay now that I am done venting...I wanted to share a very quick style I did to get me through finals & moving! I call it a High Bun with Twist! Keep reading to see how easy it is to achieve this style! 



1. Hair Pic/Rat tail comb
2. Soft Bristle Brush
3. Moisturizer of your choice (I use Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie)
4. Elastic Head Band
5. Black Leg warmer or black sock (rolled into a donut)
6. Hair Pins
7. Gel of your choice (I use Olive Oil EcoStyler gel)

1. Using your hair pic or rat tail comb part off a small section of hair in the front that you will use to achieve a flat twist. The more hair you section the bigger your twist will be. 

2. Apply moisturizer to the section of hair and a small amount of gel to your edges. 

3. Take one small section of the hair and begin to twist inwardly grabbing a section of hair of the same size as the first section hair. Continue to step until you have reach the end of the hair. Pin it up to get it out the way.

4. Apply the moisturizer or your choice throughout the remainder of the hair that was left out.

5. Using your hair pic, stretch out your hair by picking the hair out. 

6. Using the soft bristle brush, brush your hair upward in the back and backwards in the front as if you we're brushing it into a pony tail. Make sure that you include the ends of your french roll into the broup. Also ensure   that your hair is smooth all around

7. Apply a small amount of gel on the hair (not the ends) and brush once more to ensure smoothness.

8. Loop thee,attic band twice around your neck and slide up your head on your hair to your desired location. Apply pins to secure the band

9. Insert the donut rolled leg warmer around the ponytail and using your hands spread the hair forward around the donut.

10. Starting with medium size sections, swirl the ends of the hair over the donut covering it up completely. Use the hair pins to tuck and secure the hair and around the donut. 

11.  If you would like to ensure your hair lays down wrap a satin scarf around the hair for 20 minutes. This will also. Define the waves of your hair texture. 

Viola! Your done! 

This style should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete. If your a sensible sleeper you can wear this style to sleep a d touch up every two weeks. 

There will be a video tutorial loaded for this style!

See you all in the next post! 


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