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05 June 2013

High Bun with a Twist

Hey beauties! Ive fell off the scene yet again but I am back! I hope you all have been doing well. When I say finals week was soo soo so so so stressful! I mean it. If my multiple and stretched out "so's don't express how I felt and am still feeling I digress lol! Not only did I have three finals & two presentations I also had to pack my apartment up and move into a house! 

Doing my hair was the last thing I wanted to think about but I knew something had to be done because I am not a fan of naturals who think its okay to just get up and go! Yes!, there are days where doing the minimum is a must but Natural hair does not equal low maintenance everyday!! 

Okay now that I am done venting...I wanted to share a very quick style I did to get me through finals & moving! I call it a High Bun with Twist! Keep reading to see how easy it is to achieve this style! 



1. Hair Pic/Rat tail comb
2. Soft Bristle Brush
3. Moisturizer of your choice (I use Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie)
4. Elastic Head Band
5. Black Leg warmer or black sock (rolled into a donut)
6. Hair Pins
7. Gel of your choice (I use Olive Oil EcoStyler gel)

1. Using your hair pic or rat tail comb part off a small section of hair in the front that you will use to achieve a flat twist. The more hair you section the bigger your twist will be. 

2. Apply moisturizer to the section of hair and a small amount of gel to your edges. 

3. Take one small section of the hair and begin to twist inwardly grabbing a section of hair of the same size as the first section hair. Continue to step until you have reach the end of the hair. Pin it up to get it out the way.

4. Apply the moisturizer or your choice throughout the remainder of the hair that was left out.

5. Using your hair pic, stretch out your hair by picking the hair out. 

6. Using the soft bristle brush, brush your hair upward in the back and backwards in the front as if you we're brushing it into a pony tail. Make sure that you include the ends of your french roll into the broup. Also ensure   that your hair is smooth all around

7. Apply a small amount of gel on the hair (not the ends) and brush once more to ensure smoothness.

8. Loop thee,attic band twice around your neck and slide up your head on your hair to your desired location. Apply pins to secure the band

9. Insert the donut rolled leg warmer around the ponytail and using your hands spread the hair forward around the donut.

10. Starting with medium size sections, swirl the ends of the hair over the donut covering it up completely. Use the hair pins to tuck and secure the hair and around the donut. 

11.  If you would like to ensure your hair lays down wrap a satin scarf around the hair for 20 minutes. This will also. Define the waves of your hair texture. 

Viola! Your done! 

This style should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete. If your a sensible sleeper you can wear this style to sleep a d touch up every two weeks. 

There will be a video tutorial loaded for this style!

See you all in the next post! 



What are your feelings to this post? I would love to hear from you above.

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