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13 June 2013

Thrifty Thursdays!

I love love love the thrift store! I am talking about a real thrift store, not Platoe's Closet. I love vintage items and you can almost count on finding one great piece when you go thrift shopping. I am very frugal with my money and I am all about shopping wisely and making something old into something new where possible.

Here is what I picked up my last two trips to the Value Village!

 This woven belt is nude/very light pink color. The material feels like leather, whether real or not I am not sure but it was in great condition. The buckle is a nice bright gold. The picture does it no justice! 
I got this belt for $1.50

This blue ankle blazer was a great find. It's actually a solid sky blue. The color of the blazer had not faded at all. The inside is lined which I really like. The buttons are okay, they have some brown and black spots to it but I plan on changing the buttons out myself to gold. The blazer comes down to my waist which is perfect for jeans or a skirt. I wore it the other day with a taupe t-shirt and it looked great!
I got this blazer for $7.50

This SILK pleated fan skirt is so vintage! Although this style is now trending again, length & versatility of the skirt makes it so unique. I can wear it as high waist skirt or wear it low waist and it still is not too short or too long. It does look good with a very nice blouse on top, but I perfer to wear it with a Cami or a tank top tucked in. I also love the light print of floral. I have actually paired this skirt with the blazer above, a mint tank, and dark blue heels and it was perfect!
I got this blazer for $2.00

This is another "ankle" blazer that I scored. Actually is not even a blazer, its more like a suit jacket. It was actually sold as a two piece item but the skirt was just entirely too small, so I left it behind. I am not sure of the material. It is an electric teal shade. I don't even think it is a real color, but it will be today! lol :). I love that this jacket does not have collars. I also love the round neckline of the jacket. The buttons are also cute. They are the same color as the jacket but have a gold trimming.  There is like a snap hook that I am going to have to get rid of or disguise but that will be very easy. This also would look great on just about anything. 
I got this blazer for $6.50

Last but certainly not least! I picked up this black velvet cylinder clutch. Although it's very simple, the velvet touch gives it a little more sleekness. I am not sure how I feel about the gold heart pin in the center yet. It doesn't bother me but it doesn't woo me either. I may be changing that! That doesn't make the clutch any less of a buy!
I got this blazer for $1.50

"One man's junk is another man's treasure!
What treasures have you found in others junk?

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