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24 July 2013

Maintaining Your Natural Hair

In the most recent years, many woman have taken the brave step to embrace their natural hair and leave behind the creamy crack that many are addicted too. I too was part of the many but after a lot of research I knew there was a better path I could take for my hair. Like with any big change there is apprehension and fear that come along. Going natural specifically, the fear of having to cut the hair you work so hard to grow and trying to debate with yourself if you will look good with the change. Even for those who do not cut their hair, there is fear that they will not be able to manage their hair during and after the change. All that is normal and to be expected. 

There was a lot of information out there when I went natural three years ago and much more now. My suggestion to anyone who is considering going natural is to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH! Find your inspiration and learn off others experiences and mistakes. Wearing your hair in it's natural state is definitely not easy but it is not impossible. Try different things out and formulate a regimen that works for you.

So with that said I decided to share what my concrete regimen has been for the past three years and the tools I use. Those of you who watch me on YouTube may already know what I do but there are a few things I have changed. I live by 3 Key steps! They play a huge part in my rapid hair growth and my ability to maintain not just my natural hair, but maintain healthy natural hair. If your interested, keep reading below! (See items in bold for steps, items in italics are my ramblings about product benefits)

 Remember what works for someone else may not work you.

Maintaining Natural Hair

Step #1: DE TANGLE!!! 
As your natural hair begins to grow out, you will soon notice the difference of textures from natural to relaxed. Because the two textures are so different & somewhat fighting with each other, your hair will begin to tangle quickly & more often. The kinky curly strand become intertwined and if the proper care is not giving knotting can occur, which in turn brings frustration & breakage. Therefore you must properly detangle your hair. 
Here is what I do:
  1. Section my hair into four and clip away
  2. Using a spray bottle I mix water & conditioner. I use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner. I love hello hydration because it coats my hair so well and brings immediate softness. Find a good detangling solution or conditioner that will soften your hair. (Hello Hydration sells for $2.50 at Walmart)
  3. Starting with one section I finger detangle my hair with the aim of getting any medium to large knots or tangles out. Once done I apply a VERY generous amount of the conditioner and water mix throughout out the entire section of hair. Soak it! I then repeat the steps for all the other sections. 
  4. Returning back to the 1st section, from end to root, I start off using a wide tooth comb to ensure any of the medium knots I miss are gone. You can do smaller sections within the one section if you please. Depending on how long its been since I last detangled I will do that. Then I follow with the "Tangle Teezer". It looks like a dog brush but the bristles are plastic and sturdy but they do not cause unnecessary tension to your strands. I love this tool! It gets all my knots and tangles out and I have very minimal shedding when I use it. Two or three runs and your good!! Check out my YouTube review here. I definitely recommend every natural own one! It can be purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply for $9.99. When I am done detangling the section I two strand twist the section & clip away. Now it's time to shampoo...

Step #2: Shampoo & Condition
As you go through your natural journey you will hear a lot of naturals talk about the dangers of shampooing your hair too often. I agree there are some dangers however if you use a good shampoo you really should have no problem. The main issue with shampoo is the ingredient laurel sulfate. This component is what causes the shampoo to lather and bubble up. It also strips the hair of its natural oils. I could go on and on about good shampoos and bad shampoos but I will save that for another post. 
  1. I start off by using JASON'S Biotin & Chamomile Sulfate Free Shampoo and massage the product into each section very well. As I shampoo each section I do not re twist, but instead I just clip away. This is to ensure my hair does not re-tangle. I love this product because it is sulfate free!! This removes the worries of having to pre-poo (will explain another time) to try to seal as much of my natural oils as possible. Also the product contains biotin which a B vitamin that helps make your hair stronger and promotes growth in not just your hair but your nails. With this product I am able to wash my hair every 2 weeks. YouTube review here (2:17). You can purchase this product from any health food store or amazon anywhere between $8 - $10.
  2. Next I rinse the shampoo out very well. You want to make sure you rinse with warm water to ensure all of the product is out.
  3. Immediately after shampooing my hair, I apply deep conditioner. I do this so that I can add moisture back into my hair and try to restore my hair from any damage it sustained between washes. There are many natural homemade recipes for deep conditioner but I use Creme of Natural Argon Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment. I make sure I coat my entire head with the product and I use my denman brush to stroke through my strands for extra assurance and then I two strand twist the sections. I apply a shower cap and either sit under the drier for 15 - 30 minutes or I do some other things for about an hour. This allows the conditioner to settle in and do its job. Deep conditioning your hair is so important to maintaining healthy hair. When I first went natural I only did it once a month, but now I do it every two weeks because I put my hair through a lot more now. You can purchase this deep conditioner pack from Walmart for $1.99.
  4. After my conditioner has been sitting for that allotted time period, I rinse out thoroughly with cold water. Cold water helps retain and seal moisture. 
  5. I then re-apply Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner throughout my sections and massage it throughout my hair. I rinse out about 2 minutes after and once again re-twist each section. Now my hair is thoroughly washed and conditioned and my hair smells so good, its shiny, and its soft!
Let's move to our final step...moisturizing and styling!

Step #3 - Moisturize!
To maintain healthy hair it needs moisture and protein. Most moisturizers contain proteins that are essential for your hair because moisture and protein work together. If your hair is not moisturized then most likely it is very dry and brittle which leads to shedding and breakage. When you moisturize your hair you are stimulating length retention and increasing softness and shine. Your hair is more mold-able therefore easier for you to achieve a style of your desire.Depending on what type of moisturizer you use, you may need to seal in the moisture. If so, try using coconut oil. I love that stuff!

I apply my moisturizing product (Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie) in each section and using a wide tooth comb I just comb through my strands to make sure I get the product in very well. That's it! Then I just style my hair as desired. Now I know that the product I use it for curl enhancement but honestly it does nothing to enhance my curls in a wet state. I will say that when I use it for a twist out it definitely defines my twist out to perfection. You can check out my YouTube review (very old) on this product here. Here is a better picture quality one.You can purchase this product from Walmart or Target for $11.00. You will get your monies worth because a little goes a long way! Depending on what style I am wearing, I will use the Shea Moisture Hold & Shine Moisture Mist to refresh my style and add light moisture to it.

So there you have it! My 3 Key Steps to Maintaining my Natural Hair! It may seem like a lot but its really not! Once you do it 2 or 3 times and make it a routine it will become second nature. As I stated earlier, this is what has worked for me. I am writing this blog away from home so I don't have access to my pictures, but I will come back and put live pictures soon. I just had to get this post up because it was so overdue. :)

I would love to hear about your natural hair care regimen. Leave your comments below!

10 July 2013

Back 2 The Basics

Untitled #4 Last week I found out that my job is flying me out to our corporate office in San Antonio to show some vendor's and consultants what we do. I am really excited but anxious over the trip so I want to make sure I at least look presentable and bring my BEST business professional look. My office here doesn't require us to be dressed business professional which is a good thing but also a bad thing! Great because I don't have to stress so much about what to wear in the morning, but bad because I don't keep my business professional wardrobe up to par like I should.

So last night I was going through boxes (yes, I still have lots to unpack from the move. SMH I know) to see what items I could put together for my trip and then I would know what I need to buy to finish my outfits. I came across several different items I could wear but some were a bit too elaborate and would require a lot of back up pieces. This made me think, "Why not keep it simple!" Keeping it simple will allow me to pack lightly and smartly. I decided to go with outfits that could easily go from "Day Job" to "Night Out"!

Now after all that rambling, the purpose of this post....Going "Back 2 The Basics". Black and White! Day & Night! Well of course I do not plan on wearing just black and white during my time in San Antonio! A. It can be boring, B. Its too redundant C. I am sure I am going to melt in that SA heat! However, I realized that a lot of my simple but still fashionable clothes consist of the basic colors "Black & White". So I decided to come up with a list/collage of MY 10 Basic "Wardrobe Must Have's". Please remember that these are 10 items that I feel are a must in my closet for those days that you just need something simple to make or complete an outfit! These are in no particular order...

Back 2 The Basic
Back 2 The Basic by mskandii87 

1.A Little Black Dress: Let's face it, Black compliments and slims almost any figure! So having that cute little black dress can give you Simple Chic and Elegant or Tastefully Sexy. I have 3 black dresses in my closet and its a different look each time I wear them because you can pair black with ANYTHING!

2.Basic White Blouse or Shirt: White is so FRESH! Yes, I agree, wearing white is a bit frightening because the wrong move can turn that "Fresh" look into FUNKY really quick! All the while, white brings professionalism so easily. Even if you wear a basic white t-shirt (not a Hanes one or anything you get in a package) under a nice blazer and paired with the right accessories your look has quickly went from dull to amazing!

3.Blazer: A nice simple black or white blazer can make casual BUSINESS casual. As previously mentioned, White can get dirty easily so I would definitely suggest a solid black blazer or one with a mixture of the two over a solid white one.

4.Pencil Skirt: I think the pencil skirt was the one of the best things ever sewn next to peplum & wrap dresses. Pencil Skirts come in different fabrics and lengths. For most, a pencil skirt compliments a girls curves in a very sleek way. There are so  many ways you can wear it and that's why I have like 10!

5.Multipurpose Bra: I hate bras! I live for the moment I can walk in the door and take that thing off! Bras do have a purpose and since I can't go bra-less it is very important that I have a bra that not only will support these D cups (ahhhhhh!!!) but also are very comfortable. Also make sure you get a bra that has adjustable straps and can serve several purposes such as a strapless, one strap, cross straps etc! I have several of these but I just found the best one at Walmart for 9.99. It's even better than my bras from Nordstrom that I paid $59 freaking dollars for! 

6.Black Leggings/Jeggings: I am not a fan of Jeggings but for you ladies that are this still applies! Leggings are so comfortable & affordable. Target always have Capri and ankle leggings for $8. I don't know one thing you can't wear with leggings, the versatility is endless. Make sure you pick the correct panties however when you wear leggings. I always choose the seamless one. 

7.Classic Black Pumps: Not only do heels provide additional length, they also accent your legs! If you cant walk in very high heels start small and go with some blocked heels or ones with a thicker sole platform. Something is better than nothing, just get you a pair! Every girl should have a pair. Period.Point.Blank

8.Over sized Black Bag and/or Clutch: Having a nice big bag that you can hide all your ugly junk in is essential. Black especially because it goes with EVERYTHING! Just don't be like me and get comfortable with the same one & get to lazy to switch it up at times. All my black bags are looking extra ratchet so I will be making a trip to TJMaxx to hunt for another. Having a black clutch is also a necessity b/c clutches are timeless just like the color black is. 

9.Black Loafers or Flats: Some girls can walk in heels all day.  I can't and if I could I wouldn't. I typically am ready to trade my heels in for flats in 3-4 hours. Although heels give the extra "umph", nice loafers or flats can still maintain a great outfit. Be careful not to get extra cheap flats because those can hurt just as bad! ASOS, DSW, and H&M have a good selection & good prices. 

10.Pearls & Hoops: Jewelry is essential! Just like every girl should own a pair of heels every girl should have a pair of pearls and hoops. You can find faux pearls anywhere and everywhere. Even RiteAid sells them. I keep a pair of baby faux pearls in my second hole. Pearls are so so classy. When I think pearls, AKAs, Coretta Scott King and Audrey Hepburn automatically come to mind. 

Hoops are fun! They shape any face and bring a youthful yet still mature look. I prefer gold hoops but I own silver as well as black. Every Mom & Pop Beauty Supply Store sells them for $1-$2. Go get you a pair! 

I feel completely naked & manly if I don't have earrings on and pearls or hoops have never failed in time of earring need.

So there you have it! These were my 10 wardrobe essentials! Did I miss any? What are your wardrobe must haves???? Until next time, I leave you with this quote:

08 July 2013


Please go check out this GREAT READ!!

words & wardrobes: THE 5 C'S OF PERSONAL STYLE BLOGGING: The ‘c’ word. We’ve all heard it, we’ve all said it, and we’ve all been told how important it is. It’s king (or so we’re taught). It’s the o...

Modest but Fashionably Cute

Whoever said you can't dress modestly and still be cute and fashionable lied! Here are some pictures of my outfits from my District this past weekend. You may notice some of the items that I featured in my Thrifty Thursday post!

**disclaimer: the photos are not the best as they were all taken on an iphone or droid cell phone. In the future I plan to share bette qualties photos but I could not miss this opprotunities to share the outfits I wore. Thank you to my little sister Gift for helping me take these bootleg photos! Love Ya MEAN IT!


Blazer: Forever XX11| Razor Back Tank: Rue 21| Skirt & Belt: Thirfted {Value Village}| Heels: Poshmark | Statement Necklace: Ive had it for months, cant remember | Earrings: Aldo| Envelope Clutch: ASOS


Laced Peplum Blouse: Forever XX11| Lace Skirt: Target| Heel Sandal Combination: Payless {A GREAT BUY!}| | Rose Gold Watch: NY&Co | Earrings: Four Seasons Mall Kiosk Boutique|Gold Band (Ring): Forever XX11| Taupe Ring: Aldo|Clutch: Borrowed from my BFF Avery!


I wasnt happy with how any of my pics from Sunday came out! My hair was a humid mess, it was so hot and I was so tired but I thought I would still share nonetheless! Maybe some cuter pics will appear from somewhere!


 Dress: Ebay {Chinese Seller}| Heel Sandal Combination: Charlotte Russe| | Rose Gold Watch: NY&Co | Ring & Chunky Gold Chain Necklace: H&M| Earrings: Four Seasons Mall Kiosk Boutique|Belt Bracelet: Her Love Boutique in Harrisburg, NC|Clutch: Thrifted {Value Village}

Do you ever have an event to attend where you must be modest but still want to express your style? If so share your look! I would love to see. 

06 July 2013

Much Deeper...25 Random Facts!

Hi loves! I've been meaning to post for some days now but I have been super busy!! I have 2 other post in the works but still trying to iron out some kinks. In the meantime I saw one of the bloggers I follow do a "25 Random Facts" post about herself and I must say I really got to know a lot more about her! So I decided to do one too!

  1. My birth name is Faith! I get asked all the time what is my real name since I'm "African"?? Huh?? It's Faith. My middle name is Kehinde. It essentially mean "the person who falls behind, the second born of twins"
  2. My ancestors were slaves of masters in slave state South Carolina. Becaus of this, my last name is of the white American descent of the Masters
  3. I have 2 little sisters (Joy & Gift) and a twin brother (Christian) who is 15 mins older than me
  4. I don’t have any pets currently, but I had the best dog named Armani! He was a Peekanese & Poodle Mixed and he is the reason my fear of most dogs has gone away. I still don’t fool around with pitbulls or rottweilers.
  5. I am scared to fly alone. I haven't been on a plane since I was like 14 and that was with my family of 6 and we were headed back home to Nigeria. I will be flying alone for the 1st time this month for work to San Antonio, TX. I am excited but so very nervous.
  6. I just realized recently that I am not a fan of so many cream/white based things such as Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, Ranch Dressing, Mayonnaise!
  7. I wear mascara everyday. It's my one "gotta have" make up item.
  8. My favorite bible scripture is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and Revelations 21:4. 1 Corinthias 13:4-8 inspires me to  love hard so I take my friendships and my relationships very serious. I put in what I expect in return. Revelation 21:4 gives me hope for the future  knowing that soon all the illements of life will be gone away. I can’t wait! I am going to start reading the bible daily again! Haven t did that in years so I am very overdue.
  9. I have 3 tattoos and I regret 2 of them! It is true, tattoos are addicting! I def got them when I wanted to be free and rebel out. I promised my mom I wouldn’t get anymore so I am going to stick to that. In fact I plan on getting 2 of them removed in the near future.
  10. I hate groupies. The thirst is real!!!
  11. I don’t understand why people do drugs nor why people are affiliated with gangs. Yes I get some were raised around it so its all they know, but after a certain age you the ability to make your own decisions. I guess what I am trying to say is I don’t understand why people choose this way of life. It’s not in the least bit cool or attractive.
  12. I am terrified of DEER and driving in the rain. Although I have never hit a deer,  I have had several scary in counters with deer. I don’t like Bambi, I cant eat in a restaurant if I can see the Deer head on the wall, and my friends say I need to hit one just so I can get over my fear….one of the dumbest thing I have ever heard! They call me the deer whisper b/c I can spot them dead, alive, pregnant, sleep….its crazy! Driving in the rain is just scary, PERIOD!
  13. I do hope to get married soon. When I was a little girl I never dreamt about what my wedding would be like. I just knew I wanted a Nigerian Wedding and an American Wedding. Now that I am older and have been dating for a while I think about it more. I want to mix the Nigerian & American culture together and have a grande affair!
  14. My favorite grocery store is Walmart! Many hate that place but I love it! If I was rich, I would still shop at Walmart!
  15. My celebrity crushes are #1. Reggie Bush #2. Dewayne Wade #3. Chris Paul #4. Scrappy (dont judge me) #5. Nelly
  16. I have the cutest, smartest, sweetest, and funniest nephew in the world! He is the best and I love him to pieces. I hope as he grows up he continues to be like his father (my brother) who is also a great man, brother, and father!
  17. I date a DJ...it takes a strong woman to do that! Some may not understand us but its obviously not for everyone to get. He's my best friend and I love him! :)
  18. My greatest pet peeve is for someone to tell me that I am cute for a dark skin girl or that I do not look African. It irritates me soooo much. Keep your “compliment”, I rather not have it.
  19. I am going to see the Queen Bey! July 27th with my two best friends and I am too excited!!!
  20. My 1st car was a 1990 Ford Tempo...EWW!!
  21. Currently I blog for fun...it gives the world a taste of my life every now and then. I woudl love for it to be my career though! Goals Goals Goals!
  22. I appreciate my parents and being Nigeria. They and the culture has taught me what respect and hard work truly is.
  23. It really urks me when bloggers or youtubers blow up and forget how it was when they first started. Support, Acknolwedgement, and Commendation go both ways. If I ever make it big, I will make time to support those who have supported me, even if its a simple "Like" on a post or video.
  24. I am imperfect and I keep it real. I will "Turn Up" if need be.
  25. I have the BEST friends ever. I see alot of phony friendships and I have had my hair share of friendships that didnt make it through thick and thin! Not saying I dont mis things I have shared with those in the frienship, because I definetely do! Friends grow apart at times. My past friendships have taught me lessons for the future and as I grow older it makes me ever so greatful about the friends that I have now. They will tell me when I am wrong or right, what looks good and what looks bad, and I can always count on there support through great times and the bad times. If you have great friends, CHERISH them!

I hope you all enjoyed my random facts about me! If you have any questions about them please let me know! I encourage all my fellow bloggers to share 25 Random Facts about yourself! If you do, please send me the link! I would love to learn more about you!

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