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06 July 2013

Much Deeper...25 Random Facts!

Hi loves! I've been meaning to post for some days now but I have been super busy!! I have 2 other post in the works but still trying to iron out some kinks. In the meantime I saw one of the bloggers I follow do a "25 Random Facts" post about herself and I must say I really got to know a lot more about her! So I decided to do one too!

  1. My birth name is Faith! I get asked all the time what is my real name since I'm "African"?? Huh?? It's Faith. My middle name is Kehinde. It essentially mean "the person who falls behind, the second born of twins"
  2. My ancestors were slaves of masters in slave state South Carolina. Becaus of this, my last name is of the white American descent of the Masters
  3. I have 2 little sisters (Joy & Gift) and a twin brother (Christian) who is 15 mins older than me
  4. I don’t have any pets currently, but I had the best dog named Armani! He was a Peekanese & Poodle Mixed and he is the reason my fear of most dogs has gone away. I still don’t fool around with pitbulls or rottweilers.
  5. I am scared to fly alone. I haven't been on a plane since I was like 14 and that was with my family of 6 and we were headed back home to Nigeria. I will be flying alone for the 1st time this month for work to San Antonio, TX. I am excited but so very nervous.
  6. I just realized recently that I am not a fan of so many cream/white based things such as Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, Ranch Dressing, Mayonnaise!
  7. I wear mascara everyday. It's my one "gotta have" make up item.
  8. My favorite bible scripture is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and Revelations 21:4. 1 Corinthias 13:4-8 inspires me to  love hard so I take my friendships and my relationships very serious. I put in what I expect in return. Revelation 21:4 gives me hope for the future  knowing that soon all the illements of life will be gone away. I can’t wait! I am going to start reading the bible daily again! Haven t did that in years so I am very overdue.
  9. I have 3 tattoos and I regret 2 of them! It is true, tattoos are addicting! I def got them when I wanted to be free and rebel out. I promised my mom I wouldn’t get anymore so I am going to stick to that. In fact I plan on getting 2 of them removed in the near future.
  10. I hate groupies. The thirst is real!!!
  11. I don’t understand why people do drugs nor why people are affiliated with gangs. Yes I get some were raised around it so its all they know, but after a certain age you the ability to make your own decisions. I guess what I am trying to say is I don’t understand why people choose this way of life. It’s not in the least bit cool or attractive.
  12. I am terrified of DEER and driving in the rain. Although I have never hit a deer,  I have had several scary in counters with deer. I don’t like Bambi, I cant eat in a restaurant if I can see the Deer head on the wall, and my friends say I need to hit one just so I can get over my fear….one of the dumbest thing I have ever heard! They call me the deer whisper b/c I can spot them dead, alive, pregnant, sleep….its crazy! Driving in the rain is just scary, PERIOD!
  13. I do hope to get married soon. When I was a little girl I never dreamt about what my wedding would be like. I just knew I wanted a Nigerian Wedding and an American Wedding. Now that I am older and have been dating for a while I think about it more. I want to mix the Nigerian & American culture together and have a grande affair!
  14. My favorite grocery store is Walmart! Many hate that place but I love it! If I was rich, I would still shop at Walmart!
  15. My celebrity crushes are #1. Reggie Bush #2. Dewayne Wade #3. Chris Paul #4. Scrappy (dont judge me) #5. Nelly
  16. I have the cutest, smartest, sweetest, and funniest nephew in the world! He is the best and I love him to pieces. I hope as he grows up he continues to be like his father (my brother) who is also a great man, brother, and father!
  17. I date a DJ...it takes a strong woman to do that! Some may not understand us but its obviously not for everyone to get. He's my best friend and I love him! :)
  18. My greatest pet peeve is for someone to tell me that I am cute for a dark skin girl or that I do not look African. It irritates me soooo much. Keep your “compliment”, I rather not have it.
  19. I am going to see the Queen Bey! July 27th with my two best friends and I am too excited!!!
  20. My 1st car was a 1990 Ford Tempo...EWW!!
  21. Currently I blog for fun...it gives the world a taste of my life every now and then. I woudl love for it to be my career though! Goals Goals Goals!
  22. I appreciate my parents and being Nigeria. They and the culture has taught me what respect and hard work truly is.
  23. It really urks me when bloggers or youtubers blow up and forget how it was when they first started. Support, Acknolwedgement, and Commendation go both ways. If I ever make it big, I will make time to support those who have supported me, even if its a simple "Like" on a post or video.
  24. I am imperfect and I keep it real. I will "Turn Up" if need be.
  25. I have the BEST friends ever. I see alot of phony friendships and I have had my hair share of friendships that didnt make it through thick and thin! Not saying I dont mis things I have shared with those in the frienship, because I definetely do! Friends grow apart at times. My past friendships have taught me lessons for the future and as I grow older it makes me ever so greatful about the friends that I have now. They will tell me when I am wrong or right, what looks good and what looks bad, and I can always count on there support through great times and the bad times. If you have great friends, CHERISH them!

I hope you all enjoyed my random facts about me! If you have any questions about them please let me know! I encourage all my fellow bloggers to share 25 Random Facts about yourself! If you do, please send me the link! I would love to learn more about you!

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  1. Faith! I'm so so glad you did this post, thanks for posting the link on my blog. I totally identify with a few of these, especially 22! Gotta love our culture! This was cute and I feel like I learned so much about you.



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