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01 August 2013

Heeeyyyy Mrs Carter!...Beyonce that is!

I have been on a high the past couple of days! Why? Well only because I had the opportunity to go see the amazing Mrs Beyonce Carter Saturday evening here in Charlotte, NC at the Time Warner Cable Arena. I honestly can say hands down that was the BEST concert I have ever been too! She was EVERYTHING!!!

I wore a black and white romper (shirt & short combined) from Forever21 with blue heeled sandals from Target. I also had my Virgin Brazilian hair in that I made a wig out of earlier that day just for the Queen Bey! I went with my two best bizzniee's (in my scrappy voice), and although we didn't all three sit together, we had a great time from the moment we left my house, to dinner, then the show, and finally the pedicab ride from Dominique around Uptown! New memories created with the people I love!

An AMAZING singer, Luke James opened up for her. I had never heard of him before Saturday night, but after hearing that voice, I went ahead and downloaded a few of his songs. Beyonce had two twin male dancers that danced their butts off and most of the time they danced in sync with each other. They freaked me out at first but i grew to love them throughout the performance.

When Beyonce came out we all went banana's! All you saw was lights, smoke, fire, and heard a bunch of screaming! She surely gave us a show and she worked that stage like it was nothing! I love when she said everyone say "Heyyyy Ms Carter!". Her new song 'Grown Woman" was probably my favorite outfit performance. It was a colorful leopard print romper with a tail! I loved loved loved it!

Anyways, I sat in the last section directly next to the stage and by the only screen in there so I was very satisfied with my seats! The show was worth every dollar I spent! They did not allow real camera's or camcorders in there so everyone was on their phones or iPads snapping photos. All of our phones were dead within the first 40 minutes of the show but fortunately I was able to get a few pics and I had a friend that was on the floor that got some photos for me too! So here they are:




  1. So I'm at work bored stalking your blog a little (which i love by the way) and i see this post. My heart skipped a bit because i am still reeling from her concert. This was my 1st Beyonce experince and i must say it was the literally the most amazing performance i have ever seen!! I took my mom with me and she said that she thinks it was better then Prince's concet... i think that says alot. Anyway I loved this post it allowed me to relive that night just a little. Also yall looked GREAT and i hate i didn't get to stop talk with yall that night.

    1. lol! you are crazy talking about stalking my title! I know I hate that we only got to see you in passing as we were riding through the city on the pedicab. I didnt even know your mom was with yall. I have never been to a prince concert but i heard about them so if she saying Bey was better then that really is something!

  2. Queen Bey!! You looked fab girl!!


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