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21 October 2013

Come Sip & Shop!

It's been a while I know!! I am so sorry for my absence. So many exciting things have been going on and I always find myself so busy that any free moment I get the last thing I want to do is get on the computer! I am going to try to do better!

So whats going on besides planning our wedding?! Well I recently joined forces with some amazing and talented people. My good friend Lance has been working on building his interior design company, Designs by Devereux for the past year or so and he saw the opportunity for growth in the Special Events field. So his interior design company has now evolved into more than just home and office decor but his company offers design and decor for any special event! When the opportunity was extended to me I knew I had to jump on the team and that is just what I did. My role in Designs by Devereux is the Director of Special Events and Marketing. I will go into more of what Designs by Devereux has to offer in a later post.

I wouldn't be a good Marketing Director if I didn't share with you our next public event. Designs by Devereux will be participating in the Young Entrepreneur's Sip & Shop on November 16th. 
The event starts at 4pm and ends at 7pm. 
If you are in the Charlotte area that Saturday, come show your support and visit our booth. 

Why should you come!? It's FREE! There will be FREE wine! We will have so many FREE great things to share with you. 
Don't be selfish, share this with a friend! Check out the flier for more details! See you there!

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