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26 November 2013

Eyebrows & 20 inches

Hey lovely ladies! Its been a while since Ive posted anything for you guys! I feel like I always start my post like that here recently! My apologies! Wedding planning and this cold breeze doesn't really bring me to sit behind a computer and share my thoughts, but I am going to do better! I PROMISE!

I just wanted to drop a few lines really quickly.  I plan on one day doing a post of where I am at with my wedding planning but today lets talk about makeup and hair.

I don't spend a lot of time doing makeup and over the past year or so I have been trying to get into it b/c I hate how dull and dead my face looks at times. So besides wanting to come up with an every day quick makeup look that was not only quick, but also natural, I have also been pondering on what kind of look I am going for my big day! With that said, I have been practicing my eyebrow technique. I have only gotten my eye browns cleaned/threaded twice in my life because I have always been told that my eyebrows were naturally perfect! I am not sure about all that but all I have been seeing is girls with these bomb shaped eyebrows. This has pushed to want to get a similar look with mine. I have mentioned to the two ladies that I am consider for my bridal makeup that eyebrows are important to me b/c they really can make or break your face. I haven't quite got the look I want for my eyebrows from anyone yet so I wanted to try to figure it out myself.

This weekend I went to my friends wedding and decided to take that opportunity to get glam and do my brows. I wouldn't say my attempt was GREAT but it surely wasn't horrible! I think I did a better job on one side than the other but I was still pleased with the outcome. You can check it out yourself in the picture above. No filter needed!!

Also what do you do when your hair isn't acting right or you have no time to get it together??? You throw on a wig! That was my situation this weekend! I didn't want to blow it out because I planned on doing it the following weekend for our engagement photos. Good thing I didn't because it rain Saturday! So it was either roll it, bun it, or throw my cap on! I decided to go with the cap! This is the same U-Part wig I made for the Beyonce company. I got my hair from a vendor by the name of New Star on AliExpress and the lengths are 16/18/20 - Brazilian Body Wave. I wore it for 3 months straight before giving it a break. I also colored it and this baby is still giving LIFE! I will do a full review on the hair later because by now I can give you an honest review.

All and All my makeup and hair turned out great and I am going to keep working on my brows until I perfect it. After that I will move on to contouring! If you have any thoughts on my hair and makeup (brows) please share!

Until next time,

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