"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra" -Jimmy Johnson

02 February 2017

YouTube Hiatus

The time it takes to record, edit, and upload a YT {YouTube} you could probably binge watch a season of your favorite show! The energy it takes to do all of the above could be compared to the energy it takes to study and pass a final exam! 
While I like to think I have an interesting life and have so much to share with the world, my YT channel quickly fell to the bottom of my 'important things to do" list! Hence my 3 year hiatus from YT. Long story short, my time and energy for YT escaped me although the desire to make a video and post was still floating inside of me. Recently that desire has been ignited by several reasons that I will discuss at a later time. I guess should also discuss my neglect for my blog as well. SHAKING MY HEAD!

2017 is a new year and although January is officially the 1st month of the year and has passed, February will be the month I start the typical "New Year New Me' and NEW GOALS hoopla that everyone goes through.

What better way of starting my New Year Goals than to actually use this fresh and renewed energy to make a long overdue YT video! Check it out below! If you really want to hold me to my goal, why not subscribe to my channel while your there! Keep me honest and join me for the journey!

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